Thursday, September 16, 2010

Computer Problems

Alright guys I need some help with a problem thats been going on for awhile. My internet connection is just unbelievably slow, I have to constantly restart my router and wireless adapter, then it will be fast for about 5 minutes then start going really slow again and I don't know whats causing it. And then if i'm away from the computer for a couple hours it won't even connect to the internet and resetting it fixes the problem.

Also on my browser Google Chrome, my browsers whole screen just goes white and if I refresh it over and over  it finally displays everything once in a while. This gets annoying because I can't even comment peoples pages without having to keep refreshing the page till it will actually show.

 Anyone have any ideas whats up with it?


  1. cold be ur internet service provider. If not, run a scan for malware/spywere.

    i recommend this:

  2. I agree with Oscar, though I think you should do what he says in reverse, the problem is most likely malware/spyware.

  3. nice post! i like it ;)
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