Thursday, September 9, 2010


Whats up everyone, just doing my daily blog yet again. Not many updates with the car, just got a new 8 gig flash drive for my head unit so I can store all my music on it (2 gigs was getting a little small) and mounted the amp toggle switch into my dash but haven't wired it yet. Getting paid tomorrow so I'm gonna put away all the money I can for my batteries, I get a bunch of people daily asking when my stuff is gonna be installed or people asking for a demo but I can't give em one yet because I don't have the power.

I should have the toggle switch done by Saturday, I've had a long busy day and I'm going to have another one tomorrow, ill try to get my daily blog in but it will probably be late by the time I do. 

Thanks for all the support everyone and thanks for all the comments.