Monday, September 13, 2010

Some B%*$#!^@

Hey guys sorry I haven't responded to any of your comments today but i've had such a long day its ridiculous.

I want to talk about something that happened earlier today that I think is some BS at school. 

Well basically our school administrators are trying to crack down on kids at our school because our school is just about one of the worst in the state academically. Now thats great and all, but it doesn't give them the right to be a-holes about it. Especially to the people like me that actually go to class and do our work.

Now lets get to whats bothering me, read the next paragraph also to have both of these paragraphs make sense. They make us pay $20 to get a little sticker that says we are allowed to park in the school parking lot for that year; Yeah alright whatever, why do the vocational school students who can choose to go there for half of the day and learn a skill/trade like auto repair, and go to our school the other half only pay $1 for the whole year there? The parking lot is seriously just about ruined, it doesn't look like its ever been repaved since its been there. Where does all this money go that they get from the students?

But this is the real BS. They told us to have our permits paid for and on our car by Monday, meaning today. So by them saying have it on by Monday, I think its safe to assume that I can pay for it and have it on my car whenever I want by today. Wrong. They go around first thing in the morning checking cars and giving out parking tickets for it. I bought mine around lunch time and went out to put it on when I see a little slip under my windshield wiper. So I go back in and argue with the lady that deals with it and she has the nerve to tell me "too bad, pay the fine." Now keep in mind they would rather argue with me then stop the kid punching the other in the face while pinning him on the wall right outside of the office. Way to crack down on the school, you guys are doing a great job.

So anyways. I'm paying it in pennies and if she doesn't want to accept legal tender then i'll call the cops and tell them i'm trying to pay for a fine and they won't accept my money. And then i'm going to schedule a meeting with the principal and my parents.

 I can be an a-hole too.


  1. First of all, fuck ur school, i would hate going to a place that rips off their own students on something like parking. Don't pay the fine b4 u have the meeting between the principle and ur parents, maybe u can get it dismissed. But, hey, shit could be worse.

  2. Do they pennies! this is a fucked up school administration.

  3. GET EM. i hated school because of the administration.

  4. New Blog Post and 9/14 love!

  5. thx for u're support ..

    hear is my daily love XD

  6. showing my support to a fellow blogger!

  7. Schools are factories. Showing support for my blogging comrades.

  8. Paying in pennies is a good idea. Bring it in an old sock and just hand it to her.

    If she wants, she can count every single one or trust that you gave her the right amount.